-point’s to her empty pockets- Remember? fft no need to explain yourself, I know exactly where your coming from. But uh…what do we do if we get caught?wegonnafight?pleasetellmewe’regonnafightthem 

One of the worse things in the world, let me tell you. And it doesn’t just stop at movies either. >:o I…I’ve seen it happen more than a few times in the same show it’s a real downer….

 But I really like the show, so I  can’t exactly stop watching it…you know?

*Waves her hand* Noo, silly. We would not get caught, hehehe~ But if we do I will figure something out, so there is no need to worry, nope.  ’ w ‘) noooofightingg >:I

*Gives a firm nod whilst smiling* Ah yes, I do know! *no she doesn’t* But enough of that, yes? Let us go to the movie placeee~~ It is not a long walk, I promise. *queue transition for time sake*

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Very important))

Very important))

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I…I flipping love watching movies, I love all kinds of movies….sorta. I mean„ I’m not really a huge fan of those movies where any animals are hurt or die. Especially if they are dogs >:o 

Sure thing -turns pockets inside out- Not like I had any money on me anyway. Besides, how hard could it be to sneak into a movie theatre?

WhaaaAA—? I thought movies were all fun. <:U That does not sound like funn. Let us watch a nicer movie, yes?

*Leaf swishes around* I have done it before by accident! ’ O ‘) It is not too difficult, ehehe. And to clear any misunderstandings, I would definitely pay if I could, yesyes;; *scratches her cheek*

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Thanks? - she shrugs and off and smile back at the girl- But uhh, nice to meet you too! I think Almond’s a nice name :u 

I’m not busy :o In fact, I just finished off the last of my homework so I gots some time to kill before it gets dark out -

Whaddaya have in mind? 

*Has no clue what homework even is. Lucky ducK. On another note, what would be a cheap way to have fun? Err…Popping bubble wrap, perhaps?* Hmm…….Do you like movies? ’ v ‘)

I like movies. Let us go see a movie. There is a theater place nearby. Over there. We can sneak in or something.

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"Let me make your wish come true!"

Almond&#8217;s going to be a genie this year with her little lamp))

"Let me make your wish come true!"

Almond’s going to be a genie this year with her little lamp))

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Cake is good…

But steak….steak is great! 

- pretty satisfied with that response, she crossed her arms and nodded to herself. That’s right you can never go wrong with steak any meat really-

Oh uhh…

My name is Tilly

I’m Almonddd~ It is very to nice to meet you, Miss Tilly! You have a super cute name. *giggles softly*

…We should hang out or something! *stares at Tilly with overwhelming determination. Usually she would just treat new acquaintances with some cake, but she was kind of impecunious atm so…* Ah, unless you are busy of course~! With, uh…snacking;;?

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Anonymous said:
I just found your blog and i love it!!

' O ') …!! Ooh thank you, Miss/Mister Anon. It is quite a pleasure.

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I don’t really think so. If it were me then sure, but in your case I don;t really thing you’ll deal all that damage, so I think your okay. I mean, just look at your teeth compared to mine :U 

Well that all depends on the person. Some like candy others like cakes and cookies. It all depends onwhatthatpersonsholding the type of person

….and how tightly they’re holding on to those sweets

*Peers at the stranger’s teeth before taking a subconscious step back* Interesting, interesting! >:O I am all right with cake. Cake is nice.

You are sure know a lot of things, Miss! *smiles* May I ask your name? ’ w ‘)

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venil said:
“Trick or Treat!”

1. Some…candy…?



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I— aLMOND… *He furrows his brows but doesn’t know what to do so he just tries to flatten his fins on his arms as he fumbles about.*

I don’t know where you’ve been!

*Flails as he paces in a circle.*

*Watches him with a grin on her face* I have been around and about! I do not know where you have been either, hehe~ It has been awhile, yesyes.

…Did you happen to eat something salty today?

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And what sort of game is this?

my gawrsh, if your really looking to pay something thrilling and exciting, try going for something slightly larger. I mean like, I can see why you would go for the nose but your not always guaranteed a good hit, y’know?

Whatcha really wanna go for are the arms or fingers! >:O - her tail swishes behind her as she begins to raise her voice-

 ’ O ’ ..!! *covers a soft gasp with her hand* Oh dear, but I do not want to hurt anyone or anything~! That would be quite unfortunate. I just thought trying to avoid your nose was a fun way to get sweet thingsss~~

*Pauses then pokes her fingers together* …But if I were to go bigger, would I get more sweet things that way? ; w ;

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